How We Raise Our Beef

Grass Fed & Grass Finished

Our happy cows graze on a pasture in Wittmann, Arizona in the heart of the Team Roping Capital of the World. Our relationship with a cattle rancher in Prescott, AZ allows us to purchase calves directly from the rancher that are well cared for and healthy when they arrive. Our rancher breeds Brangus and Corriente cattle on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) free range land outside of Prescott. This breed is especially tolerant to the climate and terrain in Arizona and produces lean, tender, and flavorful meat. In their native environment, calves naturally wean themselves from their mother and learn to graze on the natural habitat. Calves at this stage are about 5-6 months old and weigh between 300-500 lbs when they are rounded up and sold for beef production.

Once the calves arrive to our ranch they spend the rest of their time grazing on the grass in the pasture. Many people are not aware that the
purchase of “grass fed beef” in the supermarket does not guarantee the animal was finished on grass. All beef cows graze on grass until they are weaned and rounded up to sell at auction. Feed lots purchase these “grass fed” cows and many times finish on grain. ALL the calves on our ranch are finished on grass. 100% of the time.

Harvesting & Packaging Our Beef

On The Hoof

“On the hoof” purchase means you are purchasing a cow or a portion of a cow, whole or half, directly from a beef producer. You are not actually purchasing packaged meat. Your purchased cow will be inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture and we will facilitate the processing of the meat.

Each calve varies in size due to the cross breed of the cows which means the final weight of the cow varies at the time of processing; some are smaller, and some are larger. When the cow reaches its ideal weight, the butcher will come to the ranch and process the cow onsite. This is the most humane method for the cow and creates a more flavorful, tender meat. After processing, the butcher then takes the processed cow meat back to the shop to hang. Grass fed and grass finished meat is lean and does not require a lot of hanging time.

The hanging process is important, because during this time the enzymes in the meat make the muscle fibers softer and more elastic; which lead to the meat becoming relaxed and tender. Have you ever noticed a water like substance in the pan or on the cutting board when cooking meat? Meat that is underhung will release moisture, expanding out and leaching during the cooking process. This result makes the meat taste dry. A properly hung side of beef will lose about 15-20% in moisture during the hanging process. This result makes hung meat tastier and more tender than unhung meat, with leaching moisture.

Every animal is different and hanging times vary by a few days. Generally speaking, the meat will hang for 7-10 days before it is cut and wrapped. One of the benefits of purchasing an “on the hoof” cow for your beef supply is that you can choose how you want your meat cut. Do you like your steaks and roast with a bone in or boneless? Do you like 2” thick steaks or 1” thick steaks? What cuts of meat do you like in your ground beef? These are all things you get to decide before the butcher cuts and packages your meat. The butcher will flash freeze your meat and stamp the package “NOT FOR RESALE”. This stamp shows that you have purchased the cow and the meat is a byproduct of the animal you have purchased.

Cost Per Pound

We Handle the Process from Start to Finish

We handle the whole process from start to finish to bring you quality beef, that’s humanely harvested, and tastes delicious! The “price per pound” of the cow is calculated on the hanging weight, which is by industry standards. This is the weight of the harvested animal, and brings it you all the cuts for one price.

Live Weight
This is the live weight of the animal while it’s alive. The live weight varies from animal to animal at the time of butchering. Our adult cows, prior to butchering, average 500-700 lbs.

Hanging Weight
The hanging weight is the weight of the cow after processing. When the butcher finishes harvesting the cow, it is taken to the butcher shop to hang. This hanging weight is the “Official” weight we use as the final payment for your cow. The difference between the live and hanging weight is about 60%.

Example: 60% of a 600 lb steer = about 360 lb of hanging meat.
Multiply this weight by the current price per pound, and that’s how much the final purchase will be.

Cut and Packaged Weight
The cut and packaged weight is what you take home and put in the freezer. Boneless steaks reduce the package weight, whereas bone in steaks and roasts will increase the packaged weight. The final take home packaged weight is approximately 60-65% of the hanging weight.

Example: 60% of the hanging weight (360 lb) = 216 lb. This is how much meat will be in your purchase.

Learn more about preparing your freezer for a half or whole cow.

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Step 1: Interested? Contact Me!

To get things started,  contact me I’ll send you the current price per pound on the hanging weight and answer any questions.
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Step 2: Choose Your Cow

Selecting from the herd helps you to see the different sizes and statures of each cow. It’s not for everyone… but if it’s for you, I’ll send you videos, pictures or FaceTime so you can #chooseyourcow.

Step 3: Put A Deposit Down

Processing cows take about 2-3 months. To hold a cow, you will need to pay a deposit until it’s ready for your freezer.

Full Cow: $250 Deposit
Half Cow: $125 Deposit

Step 4: Fill Out An Order Form

The price per pound is set when you pay the deposit. You will then receive an order form to customize the cuts you want.

Step 5: Final Payment

Once the cow is processed, the final total will be calculated on the hanging weight (x) the set price per pound. Upon full payment, the meat will be ready for your enjoyment – packaged and frozen!

Let us know if you require shipping or
delivery and we will calculate the
additional cost for you.

I’m always happy to answer questions about your beef cow purchase. Feel free to reach out to me any time.

Cindy Hull, NTP
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