Cindy Hull, NTP

A Lifestyle of Simplicity & Vitality

My daily focus is to make conscious choices – moment by moment – that will simplify and enrich my life. I gift myself with health every day by choosing not to compromise quality or purity in exchange for convenience. I’ve tailored my life around making simplicity, quality, and health my priority and in return I receive freedom, joy, and excitement about my future!

My Three Areas of Intention:



  • To be centered in the now.
  • Choose not to react to situations, but respond to them.
  • Radiate positivity and be a shining light in the world.




  • Take the time to prepare and eat foods that will nourish and support my body.
  • Listen to what my body is telling me and respond by giving it what it needs.




  • Be deliberate about non-toxic products in my home.
  • Am discerning about how toxicity can negatively affect my body and well-being.
  • Always keep it simple!


Simple Solutions Designed For YOU

So you can look and feel great again!

Breath Easy! I’ve been there and understand that health concerns can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why as a skilled Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) I’m here to help you discover root health issues and support you in a lifestyle that says YES to You! 

In a relaxed and professional environment, together we will collaborate to Define + Establish + Embrace your Bio-Individuality through Nutritional Therapy

In my simple three-step Nutritional Therapy process I:

  1. Help you DEFINE Nutrition
  2. Give you tools to ESTABLISH new eating habits

I will walk you through this personalized process so your health can go to new and greater levels. My holistic approach provides a solution that is unique to your body – where you are right now – so you can look and feel great again!

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