With busy lives and little time to spare, the idea of eating a whole foods diet can feel impossible! Giving up pre-packaged foods in exchange for food that is closest to its natural state can feel like signing up for more work!

Sometimes the biggest obstacle around using whole foods is in the way we think about food. A lot of times we have a pre-determined outlook that they will ALWAYS take longer to make than using pre-packaged foods, but the reality is it really doesn’t. Here are some tips on how to make the switch to foods that will help you feel great and not “eat” up all your time! 

The first thing I do when I’m planning whole food meals is ask myself these three questions:

  • What protein am I eating for this meal? Ex: Sirloin steak
  • What grain am I eating for this meal? Ex: Brown rice
  • What vegetable/fruit am I eating for this meal? Ex: Asparagus

From the answers, I then pick a fat and some seasonings to use and the meal is ready to go!

With this foundation in place I can keep the meal simple or elaborate depending on the amount of time I have. But if I’m in a jam and just need to eat a dinner that keeps me on track for healthy eating – steak, butter, asparagus, and brown rice are all I need to grab from the store and find 30 minutes to cook!

Here’s a few other tips:

  • Make an extra portion from dinner to have for lunch. Do this for yourself and/or for other members of your family.
  • Have frozen burgers in the freezer ready to cook in case plans fall through. Pan fry or grill in 15 minutes.
  • Burgers also make great leftovers for lunch.
  • Do a simple salad for lunch for the week. Bring the individual ingredients and store in the work fridge and assemble each day.
    • Buy a roasted chicken and shred it apart. Get a bag of lettuce, whole tomatoes, and an avocado.
    • Make a simple salad dressing from scratch in 2 minutes. In a container add 2 T olive or avocado oil, 1 T red vinegar, 1 t garlic powder, and 1 t salt.
    • Lunch is done for the work week!

Bringing our food choices down to the very basics makes the chores of planning, shopping, and cooking easy to manage and maintain. It also allows us to be the commander and chief of our food, giving us power over what’s going inside of our bodies so we can get the most out it!

Want some help creating an easy food life grounded in whole foods? Download this Healthy Meal Plan worksheet that will help you assess your time availability and use that to create an easy healthy meal plan that will fit into your lifestyle!

Want some ideas to help with an easy easy whole foods lifestyle? Download this free 7-Day Meal Plan for some time saving and inspiring recipes!