My wellness journey began in 2013 after my husband and I attempted to start a family and the unfortunate result was two miscarriages. I knew that this sad problem was connected to the Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) I was diagnosed with two years prior, and something that would continue if I wasn’t able to find a cure.

In talking with doctors I knew that the western medical approach to reversing PCOS did not existent, as they are only able to treat PCOS symptoms – all of which I had: hairtruism, trouble losing weight, weight around the belly, VERY irregular menstruation, hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, and trouble conceiving.

Thus began my natural path to solving the PCOS problem. My first stop began with seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor who used acupuncture, herbs, and a specific diet to reverse PCOS. The diet was whole foods, non-dairy, beef bone broth, and lots of red meat. At this time I was able to follow all the recommendations except giving up dairy ‑ I just couldn’t do it! In this path I found that, though menstruation was somewhat regulated, Chinese Medicine did not solve the complete problem.

A few years went by and the symptoms continued, so I decided to research and see what I could do in my own power. I found the book The PCOS Diet Plan, written by Registered Dietitian Hillary Wright. This book educated me on what PCOS was doing to my body, provided a whole foods/no sugar – PCOS diet, and a list of over the counter supplements/herbs I could use to treat PCOS.

This was VERY helpful, but alas, though my menstruation was better it wasn’t 100% and I still wasn’t able to lose weight! And to add to it, the hypoglycemia was getting worse. I was having more and more trouble regulating my blood sugar even though I wasn’t eating any sugar.

It was a year or so later that someone introduced me to the Keto Diet and I decided to give that a try. Finally something that worked!! Through this diet I went down four sizes and was able to manage my blood sugar much better. Things were going pretty good, but still that pesky menstruation problem was still not 100%.

It was here in my wellness journey that I found Hull Nutrition, and was taken to a whole other level – a level that I could not have taken myself to. I needed a professional who knew how to assess and direct an approach that was unique to my body, my bio-footprint!

First Cindy and I talked about the health challenges I had over the years and the wellness journey I had made to this point. She was very compassionate and caring towards my challenges and supportive to my changes. After our initial consultation I filled out a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ), Initial Interview, and a Food Journal. Cindy took all this data, analyzed it, and professionally recommended nutraceuticals and a specific food plan based on my bio-individuality. Finally some answers and a specific food and supplement program made just for ME!

In the entire time I worked with Cindy the focus of our conversations wasn’t “How do we fix PCOS”, it was how do we fix the whole unit, which is your body, so that PCOS will no longer be there. Each recommendation she made brought me one step closer to this over-arching goal of getting rid of PCOS.

The food changes she had for me were hard at first to adapt to and a bit of a challenge. But I persevered, stuck to the program, and found that I felt so much better with the food and supplement changes she suggested. These changes were just what my body needed. I found I felt better and lost more impossible weight!

Every few months I followed up with Cindy and did another NAQ and Food Journal so she could reassess and tell me how things were progressing. I found it really amazing that as certain areas of my body started to heal, other areas needed more attention. I also found that as my diet became cleaner and cleaner, my diet needed to be revised a little bit more each follow up.

Through this process eventually Cindy had to give me the bad news that I had a dairy allergy, one that I most likely had for several years! I found at this point in the journey I was ready to finally give up dairy. It was a game changer moment I did!

Not eating dairy (in addition to no grains, no sugar, and foods with a low glycemic index load) finally brought me to the point where my menstruation was 100% regulated to 28-30 days EVERY month, ovulation was in the middle of my cycle, and I had the proper luteal phase. Working with Cindy also helped me drop another size and my blood sugar was finally regulated!

With the help of Cindy and Hull Nutrition, I have no doubt that when the time is right I will conceive and birth a healthy baby, if not multiple babies! Thank you!