When make that decision to eat “healthy” it can spark this thought, “that means I have to give up all the yummy food I love to eat!” It seems that the hardest part about moving ourselves and families into a healthy whole foods lifestyle is feeling like we have to say good-bye to all the foods that make us happy! It can be a struggle to make the plunge and convince our loved ones to do the same, because we have relationships with food. Eating is what we do as a group, it’s fun, and something traditions and long lasting memories are made of.

The good news is, it’s not all bad and there are ways to find joy in healthy eating that we can share with our families. Though there are some sacrifices to eating a healthy whole foods lifestyle, here are some ways to find happiness in food.

One exercise that can be done to bring the foods you love into this lifestyle, is write down all the foods you feel you can’t live without — the foods that you really LOVE! Then on a separate list write down all the foods your family loves, that you enjoy together, and have made traditions from.

The next step is to begin searching for “whole food” versions of these favorite recipes and building a new collection! Find a place to store them either physically or digitally so you can reference them easily when you’re getting a craving for your favorites.

Great places to source these new recipes is Pinterest or Google with the search terms:

  • Paleo ____, Whole 30 ____, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Grain-free ____, Dairy-free keto ____
    • Insert the food you looking to replicate, or simply put in “recipe” for new ideas.

Great sources from those who have created alternative recipes are:

It’s a journey to compile all the recipes you love into ones that will keep you and your family feeling great, but after it’s done this whole foods recipe library will become a great resource! When planning meals for the week, it’s easy to dive in and see what great family favorites can be incorporated. Keeping the family happy with great comfort food alternatives can go along ways and help the long term success of a whole foods lifestyle!

Want some help creating a healthy meal plan your family will love? Download this free 7-Day Meal Plan to get started!