I love this topic because I’ve been working at making my kitchen an easy place to prepare healthy meals for a very long time. Here are some tips on best cooking tools, how to organize your tools, organizing the pantry or cupboards, and keeping the work space clean.

Tools for the Kitchen

It’s a MUST! You need tools that will help you to prep and cook whole foods easily. Whole foods need things done like cutting, chopping, dicing or mincing. Let’s break it down.

  • Cutting boards – 2 or 3 in different sizes.
  • Knives – you only need 3 sharp knives. Keeping them sharp is the key. Large knife to chop things like celery and onions. Medium knife to cut veggies and meat into smaller sizes and a small knife for little jobs like cutting an avocado in half.
  • Strainer – 2 strainers is ideal; one fine mesh strainer and a larger on for rinsing veggies.
  • Sauce Pan – stainless steel is best. One medium size with a lid will serve most purposes like steaming veggies, making hard boiled eggs or making a sauce.
  • Large skillet with a lid – stainless steel is best. This type of pan is great for making one pan dishes that will last make good leftovers.
  • Cast iron skillet – every kitchen needs at least one. Everything tastes better cooked in caste iron skillet – not an exaggeration.
  • Immersion blender – will you be making your own mayonnaise? If so, then this tool is priceless.

I have favorite specialty tools that I love for pressing garlic, whisking sauces, scooping meatballs, and grating things. More to come on that later in another post!

 Organizing Your Tools

Cutting boards and knives need to be easy to get to. Hands reach. You will use these A LOT. Prepping your food means you’re getting it ready to make a meal. So, for instance, I always make sure I have cleaned celery sticks in the fridge ready to go. I’ll prep by cutting off the ends and placing the clean celery sticks in a container (our goats love the celery scraps). I’ll dice some celery for chicken salad, slice some smaller sticks to dip in guacamole, keep whole to spread nut butter on top, the list is endless.

The point is that you’ll be getting out the small cutting board and small or medium knife to prepare your cleaned veggies. The best knife storage in my opinion is the magnetic knife bars that mount on the wall under the cabinet.

The rest of the tools should be in the front of your cabinets, so you don’t have to pull out anything else to get to it. It can be exceptionally frustrating if you have a small space and you’re taking out a pile of gadgets to get to the one gadget you need. Always place important kitchen tools front and center!

Organizing the Pantry, Fridge, and Cabinets

The 5-week Transformation Program goes into greater detail about resources on how to create a healthy food kitchen that’s easy to work in. If you’re planning to take that program, you’ll get great coaching on how to cut through the clutter and make eating healthy super easy.

Another resource for making your kitchen easy and healthy food friendly is Anna Vocino’s book Eat Happy. She has a chapter on “Pantry and Fridge Essentials” that will get your kitchen pantry and fridge ship shape super-fast. She’s a whole foods, no sugar, no grain cook with lots of yummy recipes. Eat Happy Too is coming out in the fall of 2019!

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To Your Good Health!

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