5-Week Transformation Program

Do you need a boost in your energy? Feeling tired and sluggish, joints hurting, or perhaps can’t seem to lose those pesky unwanted pounds?
This is the perfect program for you!!

This 5-week transformation program has helped people feel amazing! Within just a few weeks in clients have felt:
A boost in energy and mood
Had the ability to regulate their blood sugar levels
Saw weight loss and inflammation go down
Found they were able to control when and what they ate, and felt satisfied with the food they ate!

How It Works

Detox / Food Therapy / Learning about my Body / Feeling GREAT!

As a licensed Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I will conduct a full nutritional assessment to discover what your body is saying. In this assessment I will work with you to prepare for the 30-day detox that will last the duration of the program. This detox will eliminate sugar, grains, and processed foods from your diet and add whole – low glycemic – foods.

Over the 30-day period there will be (4) food therapy sessions where we will talk about how the detox is going and the ways I can support you on this 5-week journey. In these sessions I will also share with you what healthy digestion looks like and how to optimize digestion with whole foods so you can get the most of out of your food.

At the end of the 30-day detox there will be a celebration, because you did it!

We will then go over recommendations from the nutritional assessment at the beginning of the journey. We wil talk about how to move forward, and what you can do to maintain a whole foods lifestyle successfully so you can keep feeling amazing!

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Includes a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) evaluation, Initial Interview evaluation, and 3-Day Food Journal evaluation, and (4) 45 minute food therapy sessions, a guided 30 day detox, and a personalized nutritional and supplement plan.

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